Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Junking with the gals

Just this last Saturday I spent the day Junking with some fun Salvaged Gals.  We started the morning with coffee and Angela treating us all to a vintage jar with her Homemade Toffee inside and  a small personalized spray bottle of hand sanitizer.  We have gotten our hands dirty digging for the best things on past junking trips.  Everyone knows that coffee and chocolate give a quick start to the junking experience!  In four hours we tried a lot of little shops on Monroe(a few are our regular favorites) and filled the car fast.  We visited a new shop, Artemis, and found a few great finds. While we were digging in the shed behind one of the shops for some great junk and dickering over the prices, one of the owners reminded us that if we want great deals we ought to go to garage sales.  I came home even more determined to start Salvaged for Good.  Everyone is looking for the great Salvage Deal that fits the budget and has the potential of making home look even more inviting than it already does.  Nothing to be ashamed about wanting the best deal and keeping within your budget!  A funky, fun, garage sale with great Salvaged Gals and good deals!  Now that sounds fun.


  1. Great blog, I'll mark my calendar for sure for your event.

  2. I'm definitely going to check it out! ♥