Saturday, May 21, 2011

Last Chance!

Muffins are fresh, Coffee's hot, come shop with the Salvaged Gals!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Salvaged in the Sun

What a fabulous day for a Salvaged Sale! Sun, free coffee, great company, and of course....... amazing finds! Here are some highlights from our first day. 

Did you shop with us today? What was your favorite Salvaged find?

Come Saturday 5/21 from 8am-4pm for another day of shopping with the Salvaged Gals.

"Upscale Yard Sale"

 Everyone had fun setting up today.  The garage now looks better than a store.  There are some great finds to be had. Laura has some very interesting birds nests and the retro scooter is ready to ride.   Sale starts at 8am, the Coffee will be on, and the Salvaged Gals will be ready for you!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Girl Time

Last night we were in the kitchen salvaging jars, making truffles, and going through my hat boxes.  I used to do tea parties on a regular basis and over time collected many old or fun hats. I have decided to part with them because I am busy being a Salvaged Gal. Natalie happened to come home just as we were trying on hats.  It is so fun to see the look on a woman's face when she sees a hat that brings dreams of dressing up and acting like...a proper woman!  Natalie's eyes kept coming back to the purple hat.  I urged her to try it on and it looked stunning on her.  After a bit of girl time with giggles I sent her downstairs with a hat box and the purple hat. Playing dress up is fun even at my age.  I must tell you my husband tried on a hat too!  The blue flowers matched his blue eyes and gave us all a belly laugh.  When we open the sale Friday there will be a box of hats, gloves, little purses and a few hat boxes that would be lovely fun for a girl party.  Of course just being at the Salvaged for Good sale will be a girl party like no other!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"Sweet Salvage"

Christie and I did a quick garage sale on Saturday after we set up for Alycia's Graduation party.  We saw the sign on the way in and found ourselves with 30 minutes to spare, so off we went. It was a small sale and not quite our style, but on the way into the garage I saw this old rocker pushed against the building with shrubs growing around it.  Now I am not afraid to ask if someone wants to part with something, so I asked how much the chair was outside. In a matter of minutes we had the chair loaded and a couple of other finds in hand. Twenty minutes and we were back to the party to greet the first guests.  It is so wonderful to have such a great Daughter-in-Love like Christie.  She is very wise with her money and very creative. What is really fun is that we are both Salvaged Gals who love the Lord and love salvaging items for a new purpose.  Come to the Salvaged for Good Sale this Friday and Saturday and you will see what I did with this crazy rocker!

"Salvaged Sneak Peek"

Laura is pulling out her Salvage for the Sale!

 Vickie salvaged this rusty tin can with the idea for a new purpose. Amazing what can be done with a rusted out can and a few flowers!
The salvaged can turned into a vintage centerpiece for your patio table. Angie will have a couple of vintage tables at the sale that can be used on your patio. One of my favorite sayings is "One can never have too many flowers."  There will be many flowers in unique containers at the sale.  Check the blog tomorrow for a crazy idea I found in the bushes by an old building!


Saturday, May 14, 2011


 A while ago Angie, Alycia, and I went to “The Tag Sale.”  We are always up for a Saturday morning of salvaging items to be used for a new purpose.  We first stopped for a good cup of coffee and had a fun chat about what we might find as we drove to the sale.  Each of us had items we were looking for.  I must admit I was most interested in what the tags might look like!  There are really some fun tag ideas out there.  It seems words are “in.”  Cake, Sweet, Joy, Pantry, Coffee and many other single words are tagging many household items these days.  At my age having everything labeled can be a great benefit!  My children once gave me a card where all the children and the family dog were sitting at the breakfast table with name tags on.  Moms need all the memory help we can get! I do love words!  I was given a fun plant with a metal chalkboard tag that can be changed for the season.  It now says “Spring.”   I am waiting for “Summer!

            Tags are fun and helpful!  Have you ever been to Tossed and Found in Spokane?  I just love the tag they put on items that sold.  The tag says “Found.”  They are made with a very fun font.  Artemis also puts a nice tag on each item to be sold.   It is so nice when you walk into a sale and you know what the asking price is. Even if you do want to negotiate on the price, it is just plain helpful to know where to start.  No need to stand and wait to find out the price.  I hate waiting!  I have been to sales where the tag is a piece of masking tape with a price that is not legible and very hard to get off the item once it is purchased.  A cute tag can make an item for sale irresistible. I have been known to buy something just for the cute tag!  Usually if an item does not have the price marked on it, I will just walk away.  All this talk about tags gets me excited for the Salvaged for Good upscale yard sale.  No masking tape at this sale.

        Angela has made sure we each have cute tags in typewriter font.  When you buy something you will find our own unique tag leaves with your item.  You will also find many items “tagged” with words that speak for the item.  Check out the tag ideas we have posted.  My favorite is the tag with a paper rose on it.  That special touch in a tag always makes me feel like someone was thinking ahead about the person who would be purchasing the item.  I save tags and re-gift them to beloved friends.  The Salvaged for Good Sale is just around the corner.  Literally, it could be around the corner from you!  If you want to come to a fun Tag sale make sure you put us on your calendar.  We will have the coffee on and some very interesting salvage for you!

                                                                 ♥ Vickie