Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"Sweet Salvage"

Christie and I did a quick garage sale on Saturday after we set up for Alycia's Graduation party.  We saw the sign on the way in and found ourselves with 30 minutes to spare, so off we went. It was a small sale and not quite our style, but on the way into the garage I saw this old rocker pushed against the building with shrubs growing around it.  Now I am not afraid to ask if someone wants to part with something, so I asked how much the chair was outside. In a matter of minutes we had the chair loaded and a couple of other finds in hand. Twenty minutes and we were back to the party to greet the first guests.  It is so wonderful to have such a great Daughter-in-Love like Christie.  She is very wise with her money and very creative. What is really fun is that we are both Salvaged Gals who love the Lord and love salvaging items for a new purpose.  Come to the Salvaged for Good Sale this Friday and Saturday and you will see what I did with this crazy rocker!

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