Friday, April 27, 2012

Day One

THANK YOU!!! To everyone who came out to Day One of our Salvaged for Good Sale today. We had a blast meeting all of you and hope you find lots of joy in your new great finds.

It was a beautiful sunny day.

We still have lots of windows, shelves, crates and chalkboards...

...dressers, pictures, burlap and jars! I can't believe how much we sold, but there are still lots of fun things we have in store for tomorrow. 

We still have the gorgeous queen size metal bed frame

Join us Saturday 8:00am to 4:00pm for Day Two of the Salvaged for Good Sale.

Psalm 118:24

~ The Salvaged Gals

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Getting Ready

Preperations are under way! The sunny weather has been motivating to get things out and cleaned off for the sale this Friday and Saturday. Take a look at what some of the Salvaged Gals have ready for the sale...

 There is nothing better in the Spring than some freshly potted flowers and herbs.

Cute baskets anyone?

So much to pick from! This is one Salvaged Gals things that will be found at the sale.

There will be lots of interesting antique doors and windows as well.

Don't forget to come visit us this Friday and Saturday starting at 8:00 am

~ The Salvaged Gals

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Delectable Decor

Check out what Salvaged Gal Mary Stanart has been up to. She sells custom vinyl for your walls and homemade decor for your home. She loves custom projects, so send her a note via her website to get your perfect decor started.

Throw Aways

Isn’t it amazing that this adorable cupcake display started life as a mattress? 

It’s like how God takes each of us – whatever we look like and however we started life and transforms us into something beautiful.  That’s something to smile about! I like finding “throw aways” and turning them into something useful or pretty again. From bed springs to old greeting cards and even cardboard egg cartons.

I hate to just throw away all those pretty birthday and Christmas cards – but they don’t do me much good gathering dust either, so I have turned them into cute gift tags. A new way to share those beautiful scenes.

Last year, I was privileged to participate in the Salvaged sale in person and it was great fun. Two days of great company and enjoying people find just the right goodie for their home or a gift. This year I will participate in spirit, and I look forward to hearing all about the great finds each of you will make at the 2012 Salvaged for Good sale!

~ Christie

Monday, April 2, 2012

Junking Day

I had been anticipating this fun day all week after setting Saturday as our girlfriends junking day!  Alycia Grewe who is not only my daughter in law, but very dear friend,  has the same love of junking, salvaging, and decorating as I do!  
Our dear friend  Angela Jones, who is like a daughter and a sister, has that perfect decorating eye and same love of finding sweet deals - she was the one who motivated us to get a day picked out for junking!  
For some reason our husbands would not find this day fun!   

I started preparing for the day by packing girlfriend bags for us with necessities such as cute water glasses, sweet treats, yogurt, strawberries, and of course matching napkin and spoons!  The bag needed to have a tag, because we tag everything at our sales.  

Tag idea from Susan
It is amazing how easy it is to get up early on Saturday morning when you have a salvage shopping day planned!  We started the day at Chaps for breakfast and were warmly greeted by Celeste! She manages to do this no matter how busy she is. 

The atmosphere was perfect for our day, the food was great, and as always Celeste made us feel like it was home. Angela had already plotted our course for the day, but over breakfast we finalized plans and discussed what we were looking for.  We started the day at Hurd’s Mercantile in Rockford,Wa.  

Jill has rearranged the store recently and there was so much good stuff for our eyes to take in! We made a few purchases and found many ideas that got our creative energies flowing!  Hurd’s Mercantile is well worth the drive!  

Next we stopped at the Trellis.  More ideas! 

Jill told us  about a new place called the Spokane Vintage Hardware.  It wasn’t on our original plan, but we worked it in!  Surprisingly I found an old oar to incorporate into a Priest Lake wall arrangement that I had wanted to finish for over a year and it was  a great price.  Alycia also found a great deal that you will see turn up at the Salvaged for Good sale after she gives it a new look!  

From there, we circled to downtown Spokane and went to Roost.  

They have expanded their store and we were delighted to see that the Silver Suitcase has relocated to there.  This store is truly worth the drive and parking fee!  We also had Pink on our list.  

We are never disappointed by the new ideas we get at this store!  They know how to Salvage!  Becky, knows our Salvaged Gal, Laura McConahy, and was so fun to visit with.  From there we went to Tossed and Found. 

This was the first time I have walked out of this store without buying something, but there were so many great finds to be had!  

Next, we went to Paint in My Hair.  
We love the colors she uses with the chalk paint and how she takes an old item and makes it so fun!  I always want to paint something after I visit her store!  

The next stop was Eye Candy This is a new store on Monroe. 

She has some great salvaged finds and very fun displays.  We also liked her specialty flannel shirts.  You must feel them!  

Crazy as it sounds our final stop was TJMaxx.  One never knows what a deal you will find for decorating there!  I walked away with some fun square plates that were on clearance.  A girl can never have too many dishes, or is that shoes, or handbags?! 

Alycia, Angela and I had great conversation, and just plain fun girl time!  What I loved is they each texted me what they changed in their homes after getting the creative ideas going within about two hours of our return home!  

My mind is still swirling with ideas that I can use to Salvage something and turn into something fun for  my home!  Include our April Salvaged for Good sale into a girlfriend day and you might find some great deals that you can spend time together salvaging for the good of your own home!

~ Vickie

A Day at the Farm

Today was FINALLY a beautiful spring day...billowing clouds with bright sunshine in between.  A perfect day for a trip out to the farm!  What a treasure trove I found, let me share a few things that will be coming to the sale!  

 In the old vine covered ice house,  everything was under decades of dust, but I'm going to clean it up and bring it.
There were old sleds and tobaggans, I spotted several filigree trimmed storm doors, a beautiful watering can, and a 40's era scooter.  

Then, we ventured downstairs into the rock lined cellar, and found a gorgeous copper boiler, along with the largest pickle crock I've ever seen.  

Crates and crates of bale-style canning jars, and a box of vintage ice skates.  I kept thinking of the generations of farmers who have lived here, and the layers of history.  But, its time to pass on these treasures as the current farm family is moving to Europe with a missionary organization.


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Newest Salvaged Gal

Susan Leavitt
The sign in my garden reads, “The best fertilizer in a garden is the farmer’s footprint,” My take on that quip is when you roll up your sleeves and get down to work, wonderful things will emerge—whether it is in the garden, with a piece of old furniture, or when you’ve invested in someone’s life. Growing up in a shop teacher’s family, I often saw old, decrepit, broken furniture transformed by my dad into timeless treasures to be cherished for ANOTHER 100 years. Likewise, when I spend time in my garden just outside my backdoor, I see tiny seeds and plants turn into delicious food or bountiful flowers for my family’s table. Spending time and effort, along with rain from heaven, and weeding, trimming out extra branches often results in fruit that is abundant. I LOVE that old junk can be made new again, repurposed. I’m thankful that I’ve been repurposed by God to live a new life for Him, and He’s working at weeding out and trimming back the past junk in my life. He is making new footprints on my heart, and He can bear abundant fruit! I’ll be bringing all sorts of “farm shed” items to the sale, to be  repurposed as d├ęcor, planters, and for a bit of farm life nostalgia. My name is Susan, and I have three grown children. I drive a wheat truck during harvest, and I live in a tiny E. Washington farm town.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

First Day of Spring

Spring is finally here and you all know what that means - the Salvaged Gals are going to have another Upscale Yard Sale! 
I was inspired this last weekend by the sunshine to head outside and rummage through my garage to unpack some hidden treasures that had been buried for the winter. 

I had almost forgotten that last fall Vickie and I had the oppurtunity to visit the 
family farm down in rockford.    

At the farm, amidst piles of old doors and windows were dozens of old bottles, tin pails, cute wire baskets and some dusty wooden crates. 

I have a lot of work ahead of me in cleaning up somewhere around 75 vintage bottles, nearly 20 old windows, a handful of charming wooden doors and the many other wonderful finds. This is only a glimpse of the great things that will be found at the 
Salvaged Gals Sale coming this April.

~ Alycia