Monday, April 2, 2012

A Day at the Farm

Today was FINALLY a beautiful spring day...billowing clouds with bright sunshine in between.  A perfect day for a trip out to the farm!  What a treasure trove I found, let me share a few things that will be coming to the sale!  

 In the old vine covered ice house,  everything was under decades of dust, but I'm going to clean it up and bring it.
There were old sleds and tobaggans, I spotted several filigree trimmed storm doors, a beautiful watering can, and a 40's era scooter.  

Then, we ventured downstairs into the rock lined cellar, and found a gorgeous copper boiler, along with the largest pickle crock I've ever seen.  

Crates and crates of bale-style canning jars, and a box of vintage ice skates.  I kept thinking of the generations of farmers who have lived here, and the layers of history.  But, its time to pass on these treasures as the current farm family is moving to Europe with a missionary organization.


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