Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Newest Salvaged Gal

Susan Leavitt
The sign in my garden reads, “The best fertilizer in a garden is the farmer’s footprint,” My take on that quip is when you roll up your sleeves and get down to work, wonderful things will emerge—whether it is in the garden, with a piece of old furniture, or when you’ve invested in someone’s life. Growing up in a shop teacher’s family, I often saw old, decrepit, broken furniture transformed by my dad into timeless treasures to be cherished for ANOTHER 100 years. Likewise, when I spend time in my garden just outside my backdoor, I see tiny seeds and plants turn into delicious food or bountiful flowers for my family’s table. Spending time and effort, along with rain from heaven, and weeding, trimming out extra branches often results in fruit that is abundant. I LOVE that old junk can be made new again, repurposed. I’m thankful that I’ve been repurposed by God to live a new life for Him, and He’s working at weeding out and trimming back the past junk in my life. He is making new footprints on my heart, and He can bear abundant fruit! I’ll be bringing all sorts of “farm shed” items to the sale, to be  repurposed as décor, planters, and for a bit of farm life nostalgia. My name is Susan, and I have three grown children. I drive a wheat truck during harvest, and I live in a tiny E. Washington farm town.


  1. Hi Susan! I haven't seen you in years! Every time I think of you I still remember your talk at MOPS about not just surviving, but "surthriving"! Love that. Good to see what you are up to!

  2. Hi Jane! You'll have to come by the sale, it would be great to see you, too! <3