Thursday, May 19, 2011

Girl Time

Last night we were in the kitchen salvaging jars, making truffles, and going through my hat boxes.  I used to do tea parties on a regular basis and over time collected many old or fun hats. I have decided to part with them because I am busy being a Salvaged Gal. Natalie happened to come home just as we were trying on hats.  It is so fun to see the look on a woman's face when she sees a hat that brings dreams of dressing up and acting like...a proper woman!  Natalie's eyes kept coming back to the purple hat.  I urged her to try it on and it looked stunning on her.  After a bit of girl time with giggles I sent her downstairs with a hat box and the purple hat. Playing dress up is fun even at my age.  I must tell you my husband tried on a hat too!  The blue flowers matched his blue eyes and gave us all a belly laugh.  When we open the sale Friday there will be a box of hats, gloves, little purses and a few hat boxes that would be lovely fun for a girl party.  Of course just being at the Salvaged for Good sale will be a girl party like no other!