Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Almost Here!!!

The sale is almost here!  Things are really coming together, and we are all feeling the pinch of limited time.

Why is it that the best ideas always seem to come to mind the night before I need those ideas completed!?  Creativity knows no schedule I guess.  A little bit of paint here, some sandpaper over there, and before you know it we each have a truck load of treasures ready to be re-homed.  

Salvaged Gal Tiffani has been working on some cute flower pots that I cannot wait to see.

We will have a ton of old windows this year.  The ones with broken glass have been re-purposed into chalkboards and message boards, other windows have been cleaned up and are ready to be displayed in a new home.

Jill has an adorable table and chairs set, with 8 matching chairs!  She has been hard a work getting them ready, and of course, has had some 'help' from her precious little ones.  

You will not want to miss this sale!

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