Thursday, April 21, 2016

Meet Tanya!!!

We have a new Salvaged Gal this year, we would love for you to meet Tanya! She is always full of smiles and hugs for all. Be sure to look for her at our sale.

Here is her short bio so you can get to know her!

My hobbies have morphed over the years. Scrapbooking turned into card making turned into making custom baby frames for all my friends having babies. It has been fun to expand my creativity over the years. Last year, my friend and I had the crazy idea of being vendors in a local farm-craft show and in doing so, I started expanding my hobby yet again into thrifting and finding treasures and transforming them. 

Repurposing things is such a fun hobby, but it is also such a neat picture of what Christ has done! I grew up in a Christian home, but tried to live holy on my own, not depending on Jesus and what He did on the Cross for me. It didn't work and I was a wreck. Christ was gracious and saved me before college, and has done such a huge work in my heart (and continues to). Just like we change the characteristics of a picture frame, or of a desk by rebuilding and sanding and painting, Christ does the same work in His children's lives. He sands off the rough edges and sin and changes us into something beautiful, all for His glory! 

Thank you Jesus!!!

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